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A New Paradigm for Healing


Internal Family Systems Practitioner

Hi, I'm Gineen.  I'm glad you landed here. Welcome. 

My focus is on working with Creatives, Spiritual Seekers, Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Adult Children. I serve those struggling with Complex PTSD, Chronic Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, and relational and process addictions.

My goal is to help you: overcome blocks to accessing your creativity, agency, and spirituality; build your connection to the rich inner resources within yourself; and unburden the beliefs and wounds that are between you and the life you want to lead.

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"Gineen is an amazing facilitator of healing!  Every time I have worked with her my life has transformed in the highest

and best ways, aligning me

more deeply than ever before with my Higher Purpose on Earth.  Don't miss an

opportunity to have her

as your guide on a journey

of self-discovery.  She's a courageous traveler on

this road who has deep wisdom to share as you find your voice. "

-Bernadette Giblin,

Safeground Organic Landcare

"Gineen is a vibrant, creative, and courageous force of nature. She’s a loving and mature guide

for those who need support.  I highly recommend her work

and her group." 

-Rythea Lee,

 "Gineen has a quick and compassionate intelligence,

she supports people in all stages of their recovery

with positive encouragement."

- B.S.B. Poet, Northampton Ma

" My creative process

has been nourished and supported by Gineen's

insightful presence."

- M. Liebermann,

Craniosacral Therapist

A Short Bio

I’m Gineen Lee Cooper, an IFS practitioner with lived experience. It has been clear to me, since an early age, my only choice was to devote my life to healing and ending the legacy of trauma and abuse that has been handed down through my lines, and the lines of others. My passion is for internal and external healing through creative, spiritual, and communal means, all while cultivating my connection to and awareness of the beneficent loving force in the Universe.


I started working in the mental health field as a behavioral job coach assisting clients with severe childhood trauma or developmental disabilities with their integration into society on supported work sites. I also have a 23-year association with various 12-step fellowships where I have spent thousands of hours building community, holding space, and counseling survivors of severe childhood trauma.


After graduating with high honors from Holyoke Community College with a studio art degree, I worked at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health and the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (now known as the Wildflower Alliance) until 2011. I am a trained facilitator in Soul Collage, a self-empowering healing modality that integrates my art background with meditation practice and self-exploration. I completed a bachelor's degree from Umass Amherst's Commonwealth Honors College, Magna Cum Laude, and also co-founded Playback Theater Now, a social justice-oriented, psychodrama-informed theater group.

While familiar with IFS for many years, my deep dive into the model began in 2016, when I joined a peer practice group and began working with my own IFS therapist, and got to experience firsthand the profound and unparalleled healing this model can offer, while also witnessing this in the lives of others. I completed my level one training with the IFS Institute in 2023 and continue doing weekly peer practice sessions with colleagues. Over these last seven years, I've truly gone “all-in” with the model. I am honored to guide others in this new and ancient paradigm of life-changing healing that each of us has access to within ourselves.


I see clients online, or over the phone. I am a private pay-only practice and individual 50-minute sessions are $150. My sliding scale slots are full. I have time on Fridays. If you would like to schedule a session and see what IFS can do for you, please send me a contact request via the info below.

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